More Art Types

In my last post, I discussed a few of the more conventional forms of art like painting and drawing.  As you know, beauty and art are in the eyes of the beholder so everyone is going to have a different opinion about a work of art. To one person, they may be looking at the most beautiful thing they have ever seen while to another person it may be the craziest, ugliest thing they have laid their eyes (or ears) on.  All in all, it is still art though because whoever created it poured their creative energy into it and wanted to share their emotions and thoughts with their audience.


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Types of Art

To most people, the word “art” stirs up images of paint brushes, colors, and drawings.  I discussed in my last post about how we should all take the time to observe and find art manifested in everyday life, so I felt that I need to spend some time on the more conventional forms of art.


Let’s start with the most obvious art form…painting.  According to Wikipedia, the oldest known paintings are around 40,000 years old, created by prehistoric men on the walls of caves to depict different animals.  Whether they used paintings to communicate information with each other or they had the need to express their thoughts and emotions, it’s interesting to know that art has been in existence for a very long time.

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What If Art Didn’t Exist?

photography art

“My inspiration is art… because without art, we would just be stuck with reality.” ~Daniel R. Lynch

Art is a means to express emotions and apply one’s creativity and imagination.  It comes in numerous forms, including: painting, drawing, sculpting, music, photography, poetry and theater.  Art is interpreted differently by each person, and it can draw different emotions out of people at different times. 

Have you ever stopped and wondered what the world would be like without art?  I just did, and the outcome seems very bleak.  Here are several points I came up with about the lack of art in our world:

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