Art is Therapeutic


The other day I realized that my house was extremely cold and after checking a couple of things out, found out that my furnace was not working.  I became very frantic and stressed out because I had been planning a large family gathering at my home and knew that everything was going to be ruined if we had to sit in a freezing cold house.  I’m used to be a very even-tempered person but as I get older, I notice that I am always wound up and easily get worked up about small things.  I did some quick research and called the best company for heating and cooling Birmingham AL had to offer, who agreed to come out that same afternoon.  Now that the heat is back on and my family gathering turned out so well, I’ve had a little bit of time to reflect on my behavior and actions during stressful times.  I decided that I need to find some ways to calm myself down and focus my brain on things that are not stressful or worrisome. 

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