More Art Types

In my last post, I discussed a few of the more conventional forms of art like painting and drawing.  As you know, beauty and art are in the eyes of the beholder so everyone is going to have a different opinion about a work of art. To one person, they may be looking at the most beautiful thing they have ever seen while to another person it may be the craziest, ugliest thing they have laid their eyes (or ears) on.  All in all, it is still art though because whoever created it poured their creative energy into it and wanted to share their emotions and thoughts with their audience.


In keeping with the theme of my last post, I am going to discuss some other common art forms.  So let’s start with music…it’s the art of putting notes and chords together in different melodies and harmonies to create a beautiful sound.  While it might not be a visual form of art (although looking at a sheet of music for a complicated song is visually pleasing to many musicians), the sounds of a song can evoke various images and feelings in a listener’s mind.  There are so many different styles of music:  classical, rock, blues, folk, and rap just to name a few.  There are many different types of instruments used to create music as well.  Someone has to be fairly creative to create a song and if they add lyrics to that song, they are definitely trying to put something out into the universe to portray their feelings and emotions.


Poetry is another art form that may not pop into your head when you first start thinking about the different types of art.  It is used to portray a wide assortment of ideas, thoughts, and emotions.  People have incorporated so many different viewpoints into their poetry, from political stances to their ideas of life after death.  Writing down feelings in a way that takes the reader (or listener) to a different place definitely takes some creativity and ability to express emotions.  Poetry differs from ordinary writing in that it uses less logical and narrative structures and instead expresses feelings and emotions in a tighter, more condensed manner.  Just like all the other art forms I have mentioned, poetry is a way to express creativity and emotion, using language instead of visual components.


The last type of art I would like to touch on is theater.  Wikipedia states that “Theater is a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers, typically actors or actresses, to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience in a specific place, often a stage.” There are so many different parts to a theater production, all of which are considered art forms, and when they all come together they express emotions and ideas and are able to take the audience to a different place.  You have the art of creating the scenery for the play, costume designing, lighting, and acting just to name a few of the parts.

Even though these art forms don’t fall into the category of visual arts like painting, drawing, and sculpting, they are still important parts of the arts world. Whether you see them, hear them, or experience them, the fact that you are exposed to someone else’s ideas, thoughts, and emotions makes them all very powerful things.  My challenge for you today is to discover some new type of music that you normally wouldn’t listen to, look up a poem online, and consider visiting your local playhouse just to see what else is out there in the art world.

Artfully yours,

Russell R.