The Many Benefits of Art


When you think about art, you probably think about its beauty or its weirdness or its way of making people feel something.  Some people can’t live without art, while others think that it is just a hobby to pass the time.  In reality, art is very important and has many benefits for people as well as societies as a whole.

Childhood Development

Children learn important things from art like colors, shapes, and motor skills.  They learn how to express their creativity and imagination through art.  By allowing a child to color and do crafts, they are able to develop their fine motor skills and learn all about the properties of colors, shapes, and textures.


Art allows people to communicate their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and beliefs in a way that is very different from any other form of communication.  People tend to express themselves through the way they dress, through writing, and through speaking.  With art, they can communicate in abstract ways.


With art, an artist can use their work to display their own viewpoint of something.  By studying works of art, we are able to see other people’s views, which helps to broaden our perspective and understand where other people are coming from.


Many artists use art to make a statement on something they feel passionate about.  It can spark meaningful discussions about subjects and open eyes to things that people may not be familiar with.

Hands-On Learning

In school, art classes help break the monotony of lectures and note-taking by giving students the ability to learn through engaging activities.  It teaches students to express themselves in other ways as well.


Art has been around for centuries, and we are able to learn a lot about the history of many cultures.  We are able to see how people looked and dressed over the years, what was going on in society, how people felt about certain situations, religious traditions, and much much more.  Cave drawings date back to the earliest humans, teaching us how they lived.  Without art, we definitely would not know as much about the history of the world.


Art is very therapeutic and helps people relax and take their minds off of stressful situations. Therapists use art to treat mental illnesses, depression, dyslexia, and post traumatic stress disorder. 

Art comes in many different forms, so most people can find something that they like to do.  What other benefits can you come up with for art?

Artfully Yours,

Russell R.