I Finally Have All My Art In One Place

As an artist we all know that the piece of art that we are working on today is the most important piece of all time.  Well, it’s the truth.  We all tend to set the previous piece aside like a jilted lover.

Sadly, she is yesterdays news and the new girl (boy) aka- new painting moves right in and completely woo’s us over.

Today I decided to correct this unhealthy emotional roller coaster and give the ex’es a second chance.  My wife and I rearranged the furniture and decor this last weekend, which left a huge wall empty and bare.  Viola!  The perfect home for all my paintings that have been scorned for oh too long.

The lesson:  All your work has value.  Just because it is new doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.  Don’t think of them as yesterdays news, they are yours today tomorrow and forever.