What If Art Didn’t Exist?

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“My inspiration is art… because without art, we would just be stuck with reality.” ~Daniel R. Lynch

Art is a means to express emotions and apply one’s creativity and imagination.  It comes in numerous forms, including: painting, drawing, sculpting, music, photography, poetry and theater.  Art is interpreted differently by each person, and it can draw different emotions out of people at different times. 

Have you ever stopped and wondered what the world would be like without art?  I just did, and the outcome seems very bleak.  Here are several points I came up with about the lack of art in our world:

  • Our lives would be very dull and plain.  Sure, we would spend a lot of time talking with each other because we wouldn’t have television or music to listen to, but we wouldn’t really have much to talk about.

  • We’d be illiterate.  Literature is an art form, so if it didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be able to read.  Add to that the lack of writing (calligraphy is the art of writing), and we’d basically be without a language.

  • We wouldn’t know anything about ancient civilizations.  Take Egypt, for example.  All the pyramids, pottery, hieroglyphics, and calligraphy would be non-existent.  All the old civilizations would be nothing but farming

  • It would be very difficult for doctors to study the anatomy of the human body without drawings and diagrams.  Any subject would be difficult to learn due to the fact that no one would be able to read or write.

  • There would be no architecture in this world.  The art of drawing and creating buildings wouldn’t exist, and we would all live in caves or small huts.

  • There would be no photographs to look back on and remember important events in our lives.  We would all just have to live with the memories in our minds and hope we don’t forget them.

  • No music, no dancing, no singing, no instruments.  Sounds like no joy to me whatsoever.

  • We would have a lot less storage for our things.  No pottery for plants.  No baskets for supplies.   Artists have made various things over the years that help people with everyday things, and we wouldn’t have any of that if art didn’t exist.

All in all, our lives would be extremely dull and plain.  We would act like mindless animals, going through the necessary functions to survive every day without any joy or happiness.  Our emotions would be limited and there would be nothing to drive us to seek beauty in our lives.

So my challenge to my readers today is to go and create something…it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, unless you want it to be.  Just create something that depicts how you are feeling today.  Share it with your friends and family and encourage them to do the same.

Artfully yours,

Russell R.